Who We Are

CoreLogic Valuation Solutions is the leader in the appraisal management industry and has been for over two decades. Our longevity is a reflection of strong customer relationships and our commitment to outstanding quality service and execution. We have the resources to adapt to changing market forces, grow our technology capabilities and expand our scope of services. We continue to build on all of these strengths, with a strategic focus on advancing the business mission of our customers.

The nation’s most respected lending institutions rely on Valuation Solutions for accurate, high quality valuations and exemplary customer service. We complete hundreds of thousands of valuation products nationwide every year. Local market insight and experience is provided by our extensive network of valuation experts. Valuation Solutions also enables our clients to stay current and compliant with changing valuation guidelines and regulations. Through best practices, customer alignment, and an unparalleled service ethic, we help clients improve loan quality and borrower satisfaction.

At Valuation Solutions, we are very proud of the integrity and professionalism of all our employees – many of whom bring years of specialized professional training and certification to the lending industry. Valuation Solutions employees are distinguished by their strong work ethic, motivation, and attentive customer service – qualities that we encourage through ongoing training and support. Our consistently positive customer satisfaction surveys are proof of employees’ commitment to responsive and professional service.

What We Do

Traditional Appraisal Products.

  • 1004 Single Family Appraisals
  • 1073 Condominium Appraisals
  • 2090 Cooperative Appraisals
  • 1004C Manufactured Home Appraisals
  • 1025 Multifamily Appraisals
  • Land Appraisals


  • Drive-by Appraisals
  • Desktop Appraisals
  • Automated Valuations
  • Inspection Products
  • Desk and Field Review Products
  • Broker Completed Evaluations

How We Do It

  • Order is placed electronically on the Valuation Solutions Website.
  • Valuation Solutions receives order and selects the best qualified vendor for the assignment.
  • Vendor accepts assignment and schedules the property inspection.
  • Vendor performs inspection, completes analysis and submits completed report.
  • Valuation Solutions proprietary rules sets, ProQuality and ProCollateral are run on each submitted report.
  • Final report is available on the website for client retrieval.
  • Throughout the life cycle of the file status notes are available 24/7 online

What it All Means to You

  • A national services provider appropriately licensed to conduct business in all states as applicable/required.
  • Applicable reports are completed in the required Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) format and can be delivered on behalf of our clients to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP).
  • Products tailored for specific client needs above and beyond industry standard valuation products as needed.
    • Delivery of reports in a Dodd-Frank/Appraiser Independence Requirement (AIR) compliant appraisal process.
    • Appraiser panel management insuring that all appraisers are licensed or certified, and that their license is current and in good standing.
    • Proprietary appraiser selection criteria and ordering processes that further insure appraiser independence and prevent undue influence on all appraisal transactions.
    • A consolidated billing process with a single monthly invoice eliminates the reconciliation and payment of hundreds of invoices from individual appraisers.
    • A consistent, web-based electronic ordering and product delivery process that is secure and reliable. Order status updates are also available in real time, 24 hours a day/7 days per week online.
    • Dedicated Operations and Customer Support teams providing updates and proactive communication on transactions and issues.
    • Access to an established unbiased appraisal review request process on disputed reports.
    • ProQuality and ProCollateral products enabling automated rules to be run on appraisal reports, to flag client defined items of concern and to risk grade the reports.
  • Additional Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes including, but not limited to; assurance of compliance with Secondary Market guidelines, USPAP, FIRREA, and Valuation Solutions guidelines, monthly and quarterly appraiser panel reviews through random and target sampling, targeted appraisers, adverse selection based on geographic area, high dollar appraisals, target business lines and adverse selection based upon appraisal product.